Monday, August 27, 2012

True Mice Tales

I admit, I'm obsessed with mice, but I have a plan for tonight. More on that in a moment.

Today a woman called me whom I don't speak to regularly. She asked how everything was in my world, and I said, fine, except there's a mouse in my world right now. She was totally sympathetic, told me she used to live in New York, by the UN and had mice in her apartment that she battled.

Then she told me a story that all these years later still made her do the ew ew ew dance. She said one morning she sat up in bed, attempted to put her feet in her bedroom slippers and there was a surprise for her in one slipper... it was a mouse, not alive, not dead, but dying. She says she can still feel what she felt that morning as she jumped ten feet.

I asked her if she threw away the slippers, and she said yes, and it was sad because they were her favorite soft LL Bean slippers. The mouse picked a good place to die.

And now, here's my plan. No mouse in the glue trap, but I noticed some droppings in the kitchen garbage which is about 2/3rds full. I'm going to put the glue trap, in the garbage bin. Mouse enters to check out garbage, gets trapped in glue, then no muss, no fuss, the trap will already be in the garbage and all I'll have to do is throw the bag away. Think it will work?

I talked to another friend who had mouseproofing in Massachusetts -- Hmmm... sounds like the name of a novel, and she said several years ago, she was charged $160. I think I am going to do this and am guessing it will be $300 to $400. That's my guess. Stand by.

It wasn't all mice/all the time, however. I did have a mani/pedi/waxing today. My manicurist asked if I'm still writing my blog, and I said yes, and she said I should do a before and after of my hands since I always admire how different it looks... so next month I'll try that.

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Melissa said...

Brilliant!! Yes, that will work!