Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday in Daytona

An overcast day in Daytona, but we were inside all day anyway in our meeting.

This meeting room is like 1200 others I've been in during my career, and this is during a break and it always looks the same: the computers, the phones, the empty glasses, the water pitchers, the coffee mugs. It all screems: MEETING!

This is the little clever (not) meeting place setting. You get your water glass, a coaster and a trapped breath mint.

Ok, so here's the view from my room looking out to the Atlantic Ocean. How am I ever going to go back to Microtels and Red Roof Inns? The statue thing is part of the hotel and it's the clocktower, at least that's what they call it, but it bugs me that the clock in the clocktower is the wrong time. This is when I got back to my room, and you can see that it had rained.

The view as I lean out toward the right.

The view as I lean out toward the left.

I am still fascinatd by palm trees.

Leaning out and looking up.

Love just looking at the ocean.

After I was in my room for a half hour, the sun came out again.

This is Joe's Crabs (restaurant) on the pier.

I swear I saw a whale as I was looking out and didn't know if that were possible, but then I overheard a hotel staff person tell another staff person he'd seen a whale today and I chimed in with, "I think I did too."

The sun coming out on the beach again.

The view from the bed. I opened one eye this morning and saw the sun rising... was too comfortable to get up and photograph it, and then the three other women in this meeting each said they'd noticed it too and went back to sleep so one woman got sentimental and said we were all looking at the same thing at the same time.

This is tonight after dinner, going on 9 pm, and this is a ferris wheel.

And the spectacular moon rise that I sat and watched. Really as beautiful as a sunset.

Tomorrow: More meeting.
Wednesday: Home

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Mary Mc said...

too bad you couldn't skip the meeting and stay in that lovely room with the lovely views!