Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday's Photos

First, here's Fran's fall shot of DC. She says: The falling leaves....DC. Beautiful Sunday afternoon,

And now Mary with her "freshly-painted house." The work was started when she was in Orlando, and it looks great. The shutters used to be so dark green that they appeared to be black, but I really like this green much more. The house looks great, Mary! However, you might want to take the ladder and stuff out of the front yard so you don't look like you're next on the list for "Hoarders."

And now back to Fran who is walking over to Mary's to help Mary decide what to do with the side porch (to the left of the door and wrapping around) which Mary is currently having screened in. Here's Fran: who notes: Buddah welcomes fall....taken on Garrison St as I walked over to Mary's foir porch viewing

Back to Mary who reports one of her Christmas cacti is blooming. Could be rushing the season a bit, but it is beautiful. I don't think I ever saw this one blooming. I've seen the one with the little red flowers.


In the photo below, this window is going to turn into a door and will lead from Mary's living room to the soon-to-be screened in porch. This porch has always been a lovely space, but underused since Mary would go to the deck rather than this porch, but the porch will now have furniture and a ceiling fan and it will be a great area. Plus it will open up the living room more. This is a project Mary has wanted to do for years, and I can't wait to see it finished at Christmas. Mary might make us all sit out there shivering, trying to open presents with mittens on, so it gets proper use.

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mary mc said...

Thanks! The ladded is there to keep people from walking on the wet paint. He also put a sign on the floor inside the door to keep me from stepping in ithe paint in the morning