Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Assembling Furniture

I've been hunting for a while for new dining room chairs and I am surprised how many need assembly. Even expensive ones -- well, my definition of expensive. When I read the online reviews, people say cheerfully, "It only took my husband 20 minutes per chair" or "We used our own tools rather than the ones supplied" and I hang my head, knowing I could never do it. I think the last time I had to assemble something was an inexpensive bookcase that I broke some of doing it.

So I'd been thinking that there are people you can hire from Craig's List who specialize in assembling furniture and how I could do that. It may cost more, but it would save money in the long run. And that's what Mary did with a chest for her screened in porch. The assembler only charged her $30 and she gave him $40 which sounds more than reasonable.

I received various photos during the day of the chest, but just now got one which says the chest is now decorated. I expected to see a bouquet of flowers or a knick knack, but here's the decoration:


Barbara said...

Milo is a great decoration! I am sure he is grateful to Mary for not only making him a screen porch, but also now to buy him a piece of furniture so he has a better view.

Mary Mc said...

He immediately started scratching it, the ingrate. Luckily I got the cabinet on sale for $37 - it used to be something like $190. It's supposed to be able to stay outdoors so I'm hoping neither the rain nor Milo will damage it.

Pat said...

I was just thinking that Milo must love that porch more than Mary. His whole view used to be quite limited -- out of one upstairs window and out the door that goes to the deck. Now he can watch the whole world go by.