Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Barbara Finds Spring!

She explains: What a difficult assignment! I did not find much that looked like Spring on my way to work this morning! On the subway platform everyone was in winter coats (first picture). The best I could do was some tulip leaves coming up, but they look like they won't be blooming for awhile yet (second picture). I think I may have managed to also get a Crown Vic in that picture though, maybe you will give me extra credit?

Pat says: Yes, the Crown Vic definitely earned you extra credit. I'm amazed you found the tulips. On my way to and from the CPA tax guy this morning, all I saw were bare trees and little piles of snow so I think you did quite well here with the tulips. It was 26 degrees in NYC this morning.

Spring is trying to sprung at Park Avenue and 28th Street, NYC.

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