Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cheerful Flowers

Mary and I were on the same wavelength -- her on purpose and me by good fortune. She brought these bouquets from her garden -- evidently not hurt by the snow -- to cheer up her office:

And I got this gorgeous bouquet from a client yesterday. They came from Pro Flowers, and I know I've written about them before -- how the flowers arrive looking dead and then spring back to life. Same with these... definitely wilted, although the stems were stuck into wet oasis (that green stuff, although this was brown). There were two bouquets and a really pretty purple vase which barely contained them. So the flowers were transferred to onen of my own vases today. They are hale and healthy now.

Bonus Photo: I made this near-perfect sandwich for lunch. It's a very fresh Panera asiago cheese bagel with shaved Virginia ham, Swiss cheese, cole slaw and sliced pickle. I wrapped it up and brought it to my desk. It really was delicious. 

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