Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mary's Homemade Dessert

In Oshkosh there used to be a sign at a drive-in food place that talked about Ho-Made food. I thought of that when I typed homemade just now. Of course, the Oshkosh folks thought they were making a clever contraction, but Ho-Made could have a whole other meaning in an urban setting.

So Mary keeps sending photos and I keep posting them. I am feeling photographically inadequate, but I do have some to share when my cable arrives -- or maybe Ana will have found it while she cleaned when I was gone.

Mary says:
This is what I made for dessert tomorrow. They're called raspberry crumble bars from the Barefoot Contessa. They smell WONDERFUL but I'm not touching them until tomorrow. i wish you could smell it. - vanilla, butter, raspberry, toasted almonds...mmmmm
PS: Barefoot Contessa is also the source of the recipe for lobster mac&cheese so I might have to start paying attention to her show.

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