Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mary's Time Machine

Mary says: My cousin Dianne sent me pictures she found going through boxes of stuff from my aunts and I loved this picture. We always thought my grandmother was terribly old - and you can see from the picture we were right. She was about 80 in this picture but she looks 100.

me: This is Mary's mother (Lois)  and father (Ralph)-- now both passed, her brother and sister. I am guessing, I think correctly, that Mary is the kid in the middle sporting that little romper suit. What I always found interesting is that both of Mary's grandmothers attended some college which is pretty amazing. I remember in grade school that I was unusual in that both my parents went to college.

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Mary Mc said...

You're right about who's who - John, Mary, Judy. This is in Chicago I believe, at the house my grandfather built. I love the little romper type clothes girls used to wear.