Friday, March 29, 2013

Missing Document

This story has a happy ending.

I just wrote a fairly complicated news release, finished at 3 pm on a Friday and was thrilled to be done with it and send it on to the client.

When I went to 'attach file,' the document was nowhere to be found. Looked everywhere. Even did a search for a unique word in the document and nothing. Continued to look and was just about ready to give up, thinking I'd somehow not saved it which I really couldn't believe I'd done but I faced the fact that I may have to rewrite it.

So then I opened Word again and there's one place where you can see recent documents, not the list, but a different area. There was the document! I gingerly clicked it on praying that it wouldn't say that the document wasn't available, but it opened. Whew.

Then I saw that somehow it got saved as a Micosoft template. I have no idea how that happened... one of those weird computer things... so I resaved it and sent it on.

I am so effing glad I didn't have to redo it.

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Barbara said...

It's like waking up from a nightmare!