Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Great Sunday Brunch

Arriving at Nashville Airport on Sunday morning. I make a big deal out of this brunch only because I assiduously avoid airport food -- and you know I'm not exactly a vegan who only eats organic -- but it is so greasy, so bad and so overpriced.

That's why I was happy to find Nashville New York Deli as part of my Magical Mystery Wonderful Lucky Irish Trip back to New York. One small complaint -- giant sign saying "Please wait to be seated by the hostess" so I stand there for a few minutes -- really much longer than I should -- and then a waitress comes by and says "Sit wherever you want." I think I was the only one there, then a few others came.

I was so thrilled with this plate because I was dreading the Wendy's/McDonald's whatever. It was really good.

Including an Everything Bagel. You can see they are fairly stingy with the "everything" but I couldn't complain.

Here's my bill --  more than reasonable (for an airport) price for the food, but look at the price of the soda!

So this is my first step out of the restaurant. You can see the Restroom sign on the left, followed almost immediately with my gate. Unbelievable! '"What's funny is I couldn't see B1. When you enter the gate area, it was B2.

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