Saturday, May 11, 2013

Drowning Brad Pitt

I was getting a mani/pedi yesterday and had put my copy of Vanity Fair down to speak with Marianella. I had been engrossed in an article about that South African athlete who is accused of murdering his girlfriend -- a great Vanity Fair-esque detailed, lengthy story covering it from all angles.

I shifted in the seat and the magazine dropped into the pedicure water. Marianella fished it out and said she was going to put it in the garbage. She thought it was a lost cause, but not me. When I was finished and she left, I fished it out of the garbage and here it is this morning, still drying.

I just want to finish the murder story.

Sorry, Brad
I was thinking that we all (yes, I'm including you) have weird ways in which we splurge and in which we're cheap. It so goes against my grain to buy another copy of this magazine, yet I would gladly waste $5 on something else. I have no idea if the ink from the pages will make the pages stick together so we'll see what happens in another 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Mary's sister Judy battled horrid traffic and torrential rain to make it to Mary's last night and she came bearing gifts -- Mary's birthday is Tuesday but the celebrations have begun.


Barbara said...

Is this the first picture of a REAL birthday cake (i.e., one actually intended in real life for the person you are honoring who will get to eat it too)on your blog?

Pat said...

It just may be. I have decided I need to do something different for birthdays, starting with Mary's so stay tuned.

Mary Mc said...

Judy says "THIS IS HUGE!!"