Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Sights

Finished my work and headed north, but first a bit of sad news. This first photo is the site of that little "house by the side of the road" which was torn down between my trip here in January and now. I missed seeing it.

The guys told me the house was torn down in one day and that until recently there was an old lady living there.

This is a church two minutes from my client, and I thought that blessing the hands of healthcare workers was really a lovely thought.

This is a lawn sign and the "just point" appealed to me. Wouldn't that be great to just point and have something done. You wouldn't even have to speak -- just point at those dirty dishes; just point at that laundry.

Heading toward Columbus, then passing it.

This is my little dumpy hotel/motel which I like so much. Love pulling right up to the room. Last time I was here I was tiptoeing through an icy parking lot in a snow flurry.

And here's my rockin' Saturday night. Lying on my stomach on the bed, with my computer, with Cops on TV. Note that I have cleverly pulled my suitcase up to the bed to serve as a snack table/drink holder! Tomorrow it's on to Allentown.


Barbara said...

How sad about the house by the side of the road. And the fact that an old lady lived there makes it so much poignant.

Barbara said...

...I meant, so much more poignant.