Saturday, May 4, 2013

Friday Photos on Saturday

Had lunch with Barbara yesterday and here's what I saw going to and fro:

I don't know who pays for this -- it might be a private group -- but Park Avenue really does earn its name with the beautiful landscaping that divides uptown from downtown traffic. This goes on for blocks and blocks. Love those red tulips.

It was a perfect spring day yesterday.

It's rare for me to get sticker shock in NYC, but it does happen from time to time as it did here with the price of parking. Dean & Deluca is a fancy food store. I was telling Barbara about this sign at lunch and I don't think you could even run in the store, find what you want and pay for it in under 30 minutes. She said she'd double park.

More Park Avenue tulips.

This is the famous Gracie's Corner shot as a driveby. You can't really see the name, but you can see "diner & grill." For those of you who don't live in NY, the miracle of Gracie's Corner and other Greek diners like them is that for the most part they're open 24 hours a day, and I literally can't think of a food you coldn't order -- from trout to moussaka, any kind of sandwich, Italian dishes, soup, desserts, steaks, pasta, hundreds of combinations which are all cooked to order. There's no substitution or instruction they won't follow to the T. I've heard some weird requests. I ofen think if I ever moved from NY, the Greek diner is something I may miss the most.

This is the wisteria on the building across the street. I wished it lasted longer than a week, but that's about it.

Zoom lens of the wisteria.

This is my artsy photo of pigeons in a tree. I'm always surprised to see pigeons in a tree -- I dont really think of them as birds -- more like rats with wings. Yesterday was a day where there literally wasn't a cloud in the sky.

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