Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lazy, Un-Summerlike Saturday

When I went to take the garbage out today, someone who lives in this building was coming in and he was actually wearing a winter ski parka. Yes, it's that cold. Rainy, cold, made it to 50, now it's back in the 40s.

I must say I had a relaxing day. I woke up with nothing particular to do in a clean apartment with no work thing hounding me. I got groceries, did laundry, finished my book, took a nap (hey, that was exhausting!), watched my Netflix, played video games, watched TV, enjoyed browsing Netflix site to update my queue. Enjoyed browsing and bought two new nightgowns and a pair of sandals with the Memorial Day weekend bonanza coupons.

I enjoyed the experience of *falling* asleep. I was consciously feeling what it was like -- definitely a feeling of falling, but maybe it's more drifting and I reach a point where I believe I'm still awake, but I'm not. And it's great to wake up in my own big comfy chair and not in an airport gate or hotel room.

So I hope all of you had an equally relaxing day. Tomorrow the sun is supposed to come out and it's supposed to warm up. Shout out to the people of New Jersey with their rebuilt beach communities who are determined to ENJOY the rebuilt boardwalks, etc. News is filled with images of them walking the boardwalk in the rain and cold.

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Anonymous said...

A big YEAH!!! for the people of N.J. especially my cousin Anthony who lives on Brigantine and is a real estate agent. BIG SHOUT OUT for all!