Monday, May 6, 2013

Mission Semi-Accomplished

I had a bunch of tasks swimming around in my mind that I needed to do -- not urgently, but the kind of task that buzzes around you like a pesky mosquito. I don't want to attack any of them so day by day these tasks continue to haunt me.

This morning I made a list, trying to be light-hearted, and labeled it 'Things I don't want TO DO list." On it, are 8 tasks. Today I did four of them: resolve a problem with Dollar Rental car, cancel a recurring charge to American Express, cancel another recurring charge to American Express, and call (again) about my garden faucet.

That leaves four more: get hotel rooms for next week's trip, cancel the third (and final) recurring charge to American Express, call Verizon about a router, resolve a Netflix problem.

I also did regular work, and I also emailed four out of seven invoices. You'd think I'd be anxious to send out invoices so I get money, but I hate it.

In terms of the water being turned on in the garden, I was thinking I wish someone could tell me how to be more effective. I have called the super twice and today I called the property management company and left a frustrated voice mail. I am determined to call every day until it's turned on. I don't know what else to do.

I know I'm in trouble when I start thinking "after all I've done for you," but I lobbied at a co-op board of directors meeting to give the super a raise. I even made sure he got it retroactively and told him so. You'd think he'd want to return the favor, but he obviously doesn't.

Mary and I have had this conversation dozens of times over the years, but I wish I could take all the energy I spent fretting over the things I did today (and will continue to do this week, maybe even do all of them tomorrow) and put it toward some useful purpose. The worst phone call is over in two minutes, and I think Really? That's what you avoided for so long??

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Anonymous said...

I"m exactly like that with "those kind" of phone calls!