Friday, May 24, 2013

More Flowers from Mary

I've had this for about a week. Mary writes:

This is a flower that I can't remember blooming  more vigorously than ever before

Can anyone identify it? A columbine?



Barbara said...

I put this picture on my facebook page and my friend Suzanne identified it as ... Babtisia, aka "False Indigo."

(Score one for social media.)

Mary Mc said...

Thanks Barbara! My neighbor who's a real gardener came up with the same answer this afternoon. I'd never heard of it (the woman who designed my yard told me what she was planting but I have a terrible memory for such things).

Pat said...

Well, I don't win the year's supply of Rice-A-Roni with my guess of columbine. Glad it got sorted out, but I've never heard of that plant either -- yeah, as if I'm a damn botanist... other than geraniums, impatiens, marigolds, etc. I'm just about lost.