Friday, May 3, 2013

More Spring in DC, but I'm No Longer Jealous

Because Spring seems to arrive in New York as well. Will be posting some photos I took today later on, but meanwhile, back to DC.

Fran writes: Ahhh, yet another gorgeous spring day in DC. Mid 60s, low humidity. Forecast is same for next six days. Ahhhhh.

When I was a little girl, I used to look at Nature and think about how smart God was. At that time, being a literal Bible believer, I imagined God mulling over what color to make the grass -- and then deciding on green, and what color to make the ocean and deciding on blue. And I remember so clearly thinking what great choices those were as I would try to imagine purple grass or a red ocean.

I think an adult version of that now -- how the fanciest interior decorator couldn't match colors and create a palate like Nature can.


fran said...

Wish I had known you when you were a little girl. You had very profound thoughts at an early age, young lady. Where DID colors come from?:-) Nature's color palette is indeed perfect.
I used to stay up all night thinking about infinity. How on earth could there be no beginning and no end?
Keep being colorful!

Pat said...

I also used to wonder "who made God?"