Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Report

All is well, and I am puttering through the week. This client is having an outdoor event on Saturday, and today it moved to sixty percent chance of rain, so we'll see. Not much we can do about it.

On more frustrating fronts, my little computer finally gave out, not totally, but I bought a new computer with blessed Windows 8 on it which hasn't gotten good reviews. I did not know at the time, but Windows 8 does not work with 3G connections, and my mobile wifi has 3G and 4G, but nowhere whether, here, NY, PA, wherever has 4G reception.

I have downloaded AOL on my new computer, but I had not downloaded Microsoft Office. So today at my client, I thought I could plug my new computer into their network. It worked, but so slowly that it would take 60 seconds to open one email. I futzed with it for hours, finally asked for help.

One of the guys diagnosed, on a hunch, that it was the McCaffee virus protection that was slowing it down since it was using 50 percent of the computer's power which make no sense, but we uninstalled it since I had another virus protection and that cured it. Lightning fast computer.

I was now ready to buy and download Office which I did, got to within 1/2 inch of moving bar to show the download and it stalled. Nothing would make that bar go that last 1/2 inch. I really felt like crying. I stayed a while after everyone had left trying to re-download and couldn't. One of my guys said he'd do it in the morning, and I left it there.

I would gladly buy and use a replacement, old-fashioned little computer like this one. It's all I need. But I figure I'm better off now than I was this morning and I do believe my guy will fix it for me and then I will just have to figure out what I'm going to do when I get home.


But all may not be lost. Calling all lottery angels. I'm in Powerball country, and today one of the guys was forming a pool to buy Powerball tickets as a group. I put in five dollars. Predictions are that the total amount by Saturday night could be $700 million and my share is 2-1/2 percent. As Mary has said over the years, we'd make GOOD rich people.

I also gambled one dollar more today. This company has a sweepstakes annually and you pick a state out of an envelope -- there are 53 "states" in all due to Canada, other foreign, and APO/FPO. So the most I could win is $53 --- so maybe I'll be announcing good financial news.

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Anonymous said...

I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for your good fortune to come. Stephanie