Thursday, July 25, 2013

15 Hours until Departure

I've removed old nail polish, shaved my legs, colored my hair (what color? Not mousy brown with gray/white mixed in -- I'm now a radiant "warm golden brown.")

My suitcase is packed with the exception of my toothbrush and other toiletries and two shirts in dry cleaner bags.

I have fondled and protected my car pass. It's now in its original envelope in my purse.

I have packed my tote bag with books on CD, magazines to read, a book to read for pleasure, my AAA Trip Tik

oh, let me interrupt -- if you ever hear or see me write about my AA membership, no, I haven't taken up drinking. I mean AAA.

I even put in some plastic grocery bags to use as litter bags in the car. I have my computer cords, various chargers, a USB stick, extra batteries. I have various invitations, a notebook and pens.

What remains to be done:

Pack computer with power cord in totebag.
Pack toiletries.
Pack dry cleaner shirts.

Now I'm going to order dinner, eat it and relax.

Ana was here today and changed the sheets. I told her to not change them next week as I will have only slept on them one night. She said she is coming anyway and she said "because this is my apartment and I have to clean and water the garden." I said yes, I know it's your apartment and you just let me live here. But it makes me happy she thinks of it as hers.

Meanwhile, back to books for a second. I had lunch with Barbara today and I brought her Burgess Boys -- the book I enjoyed so much that I ordered the first book Olive Kitteridge that the author wrote (and won the Pulitzer for). When we sat down, I said "Before I forget..." and went to pull out the book and she said, "I have a book for you too" -- well, she was giving me Olive Kitteridge and had wanted to get Burgess Boys. Quite a coincidence so take it from me for Burgess Boys and from Barbara for Olive Kititeridge, we Love, love, love this writer.

I bragged that I got my Olive Kitteridge for one penny at Amazon and she paid $3 for her used copy. Then she had to point out shipping so she wins!

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