Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fran's Concert Report: Paul McCartney

Fran says: Paul can still pack 'em in -the stadium was filled to the brim as you can see in the photo. The energy was fantastic, everyone in the audience (wide range of ages too, children to geezers) singing along and dancing. It 's amazing how one person and his music can generate that much love. And we wouldn't let him go. We called him back for, what was it, three or four encores.
It was raining a bit before the show but the skies held up beautifully for the entire show.
We had great seats, behind home plate, just to the right, fourth row. Fab. Gear.
(Pssst.....a woman sitting near me, no names mentioned, is a genuine teenybopper. Even threw her panties at Paul. Just sayin'.)

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Melissa said...

Gotta love it!!! Can you believe it's the 50th anniversary of the Beatles!!