Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Friday Dinner a Week from Now

Lane and I always have our annual dinner at Oshkosh. For years, we've gone to the same place in Appleton (north of Oshkosh) that we really loved. Melissa and I ate there one year too. It's away from the crowds of Oshkosh and quiet and relaxed.

When I went there with Melissa, I have this one place in my teeth where if I eat something potentially stringy like beef or lobster, a bit always gets stuck there -- on the top, the second molar back, in the back, and that happened with Melissa and it was driving me nuts trying to discretely dislodge it. Impossible. I realized I was so consumed with this bit of meat in my tooth that I was no longer enjoying dinner, told Melissa I was going to the restroom and why and she whipped out this little plastic toothpick device and one discreet swipe, at the table and I was cured. That feeling is one of life's cheap thrills! And I got to keep the plastic toothpaste device!

Anyway, this place, called Seasons, is now closed.

So I asked around and got a recommendation for another place for Lane and me. At this show, people will wait at a crowded bar to be seated an hour or more and I hate that. People enjoy that hustle and bustle. Not me. I want to get in, eat, talk quietly and leave. Lane is more of a food snob that I am, and she's also a wine person. A client gave me three recommendations, of which we picked a place called Cena <-- click="" here="" p="" place.="" see="" the="" to="">
Here's what it looks like:

One thing that was a little too cute was their description of a brunch entree -- this said "two prebirds..." and I thought Prebirds? I'd never heard of it. I googled, and here's the too-cute part, prebirds is slang for eggs. Did anyone here know that?

On other food news, I got my pie restaurant newsletter warning that it's the end of fresh raspberry pie season and they'll only have it "through the weekend" so I may have to go there by myself on Sunday night. I arrive Sunday afternoon, God willing. 


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fran said...

Is Cena in the nice quiet part of town? Where the famous "J the restaurant" was located?

Prebirds? Terminal cuteness.

Schriener's? I'll meet you there Sunday night. The only reason I'd return to Oshkosh:-)

Have a great trip