Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hired Help

I got bad news today (for me, at least) which is that my assistant Marilyn is taking a full-time job. I am so going to miss her as I have been totally spoiled and gotten used to her help. So I went back to Craig's List (where I found her and my cleaning woman) and am wading through the ads and it's tough to find the right combination. Marilyn would do household tasks (like folding sheets) but also errands. People either bill themselves as organizational experts, concierges, want a full time job, charge way too much, want to be a life coach too, sound dumb... and then there was this...

I clicked on the headline (which takes you to the ad) wondering why anyone (naive me) would work for free:

I'm looking to be used by a woman as a maid, to clean a house or an apartment, and be humiliated by performing a variety of domestic chores for her (for free!)

Oh baby, don't tempt me. There are days when I am so pissed off that I would be exactly what you are looking for!
Hope! Just read this:

-laundry (my specialty!; I'm a great hand at folding)
Update: just emailed this one -- don't know if it's male or female -- I think female. This is the first paragraph of the ad.

Available many days this week: Ambitious, hardworking and self-motivated graduate student with SEVEN YEARS EXPERIENCE and great references seeking housecleaning jobs. I clean, launder and iron and can do some personal assisting (correspondence and errands), as well. Ideally, I would want a weekly cleaning assignment, but one-shot cleaning is fine as well; my rate is $12/hr.  

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