Monday, July 15, 2013

My New Favorite Drink

As much as I love soda, I really do enjoy (dare I say "prefer?") water. But I found this stuff called Hint Water, and I love it.

The first flavor I tried was Blackberry. I can see how the company got the name. It's clear there's only a "hint" of flavor so it's not sickly sweet, not sweet at all -- almost like delightfully flavored water. You definitely taste plain water first (if that makes sense) and then the hint of fruit. I want to stress that it's almost like plain water in an 18 ounce bottle with one drop of flavoring in it... very lightly flavored.

My store doesn't carry all flavors -- wish they had the raspberry lime -- but I got more Blackberry, and two bottles each of Mango/Grapefruit; Watermelon; and Pomegranate/Tangerine.

It's an 18-ounce bottle for $1.99 but this week it was on sale for 2 bottles for $3.

When you look at the ingredients, it is pure water with natural fruit flavorings. That's it.

And when I was looking for a photo, I was reading about it-- and it's a woman-owned business she started in her living room.

Just checked out the website and here are the other flavors I didn't mention:


I think you'd like it -- very refreshing, especially with the heat this week.

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