Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rose of Sharon

Gather 'round students for today's botany lesson -- today's subject: Rose of Sharon

Mary started it off with this:

I'm sitting on my porch so this picture is less clear because it's through the screen. It's warm and very muggy today but it's the first time this year the rose of Sharon bushes in the back have been in full bloom. I was struck by how pretty the shape of the bushes has become over time, without much planning by me.  I've pruned them just to keep them from hanging too far into the alley behind them, but the shape they've developed, kind of a V shape, just happened.  That makes a garden especially fun.  I'll just look today and weed another time.

This is Mary's backyard.
This gets complicated. The Rose of Sharon is mentioned in the Bible, so there is lots of controversy over when the name first appeared in English, in the King James version in 1611, whether it was a proper translation. Some people say it should have been "crocus." The rose of sharon is also the national flower of South Korea. What is agreed on is that it's a very popular plant, based on the ease of care and the longevity of the blooms, going into late fall. Does it, Mary?
Here are some close ups:

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mary mc said...

Yes, it does bloom a long timd . I have two colors, but there are many variations of pink/purple/white blossoms. They are actually hardy hibiscus I believe. The only problem with them is they drop hundreds of "babies" all over.