Sunday, July 28, 2013

Safe Arrival

Here I am, ready for action. A client was to leave me a wrist band at the hotel front desk, and lo and behold, they handed me the envelope before I could even ask for it. Such a nice surprise to not have to track it down.

Here are today's pics:

Scenes like this are why I like driving. Had gotten off the highway to get gas and made a wrong selection -- there was nothing by the exit so I had to drive about four miles which ended in this lake. It was just such a pretty site on a Sunday morning.

These are the good old boys -- they seem everywhere on this trip -- just out of central casting.

This is Chicago in the distance. You can see there wasn't much sun.

So many tolls around Chicago. I paid something like $1.80 and then three miles later, there'd be another odd amount to pay.

Chicago getting closer.

Thinking of how Barbara pegged me as an ex-smoker, not a non-smoker. She's right. I still notice prices of cigarettes. This is way cheaper than New York, but I can't imagine spending this much money day in and day out. When I stopped smoking (Ok, so it was almost 30 years ago) price was not really a factor -- but you can't justify spending this money.

Past Chicago, into Wisconsin, heading North to Fond du Lac (hotel) and Oshkosh.

View from my room -- at least it's not a parking lot.

Lying on the bed, the TV is overhead. It's an old-fashioned one (like I have at home) which I don't mind as it changes channels fast -- so many flat screens are so slow.

When I read reivew of Microtels, so many people complain about how small the rooms are, but really, how much space do you need? By NY standards, this room is huge. I did not mention how cool it is -- low 60s and I have the window open as it's comfortable.

I have developed an old lady fear of falling in a hotel shower/bathtub. I reserved an assisted room -- really the only thing that's different is the bathroom. I chuckle when I see the grips -- I find them quite reassuring. Some places the tub is so high, the tile is so slippery and there's nothing to hold on to. I don't want to be nekkid on the floor and crawling toward the phone so there's so shame in my handgrip game. Oh, I also like the handheld shower which I have at home as well. Good for a thorough rinse job!

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