Saturday, July 27, 2013

Scott and Gwenyth (Mary's nephew and grand-niece)

Here's from their day at an old-time amusement park. Actually I don't know much about Glen Echo.

Actually after an exhaustive 15 seconds of research, I have discovered Glen Echo's interesting history:

Glen Echo Park began in 1891 as a National Chautauqua Assembly, which taught the sciences, arts, languages, and literature. By the early 1900s Glen Echo Park had become a premier amusement park, serving the Washington area until 1968. In 1971, after the federal government obtained the land, the National Park Service began managing the park. The National Park Service collaborated with artists and arts organizations to create a rich arts program in the spirit of the original Chautauqua movement. Today the park is managed by the nonprofit Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, Inc. on behalf of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Back to the present, Mary says:

From our trip to Glen Echo today. Gwenyth loved the carousel and she loved running up the ramp and down the steps by the restroom.  I love this carousel.

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