Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to me (and Stephanie)

Below is the first time I downloaded a YouTube video. I'm proud of myself, but couldn't figure out how to add my own text and I couldn't even add a comma between Birthday and Stephanie which bothers me -- but I like the sound of their voices.

Mary sent me a e-card this morning that turned out to be funny. It was very  um... romantic which was odd to me, but I thought maybe she was feeling sentimental. Turns out I got sent the wrong card! The right card was those little critters from Despicable Me which was more along the lines of what I would expect. Very cute.

And now Fran has sent me a card with this text which I will (modestly) share as she requests. Thank you for the kind sentiments, and I happy to be alive and well on Planet Earth today.

Birthday Ode to Pat - How Do I Love Thee? let me count some of the ways (You always count them for friends on their B.D.s. Our turn! - please post on your blog)
Honesty in all things, even when assessing her actions. Trustworthiness. Generosity. Non-judgmental-ness. Sense of humor. Gift of listening, really listening. Quest for truth and accuracy. Sense of fairness. Expresses appreciation and gratitude for life's gifts.
Happy Birthday, my friend.

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mary mc said...

I agree with Fran!

Happy birthday Pat and Stephanie!