Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Knowing Mary

On Sunday night I was thinking how surprised I was that Mary likes Long Island Medium. This is a reality TV show about a housewife type on Long Island who communicates with departed loved ones. She really is a likable person. I had learned when we were in the Outer Banks that Mary watched this show, and so I reminded her on Sunday that the season premiere was on that night.

Mary is not a huge fan of reality shows, and also not a huge fan of spooky-wooky kinds of things. I was thinking about how well I know Mary, as well as anyone, but yet I didn't really have an explanation for why she liked this show which led to my thinking about how well can we ever know anyone blah blah blah.

Fast forward to Monday and I see an email from Mary in my email queue and the subject line reads: Thinking about Christ.

It made me laugh because I knew the subject line had been shortened in the queue and I knew for certain that the full line was no doubt "Thinking about Christmas" -- I was right -- and we're already into event planning and menus for our annual Christmas get-together. (Is annual and Christmas redundant? I think it is).

So I may not know that Mary would like a show called Long Island Medium, but I do know for sure that she is not going to send me a pensive email entitled "Thinking about Christ."

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Mary Mc said...

I was thinking after watching the LI Medium marathon that it was actually getting a little too weepy for me. Everyone's loved ones want them to move on without guilt, knowing that the departed is happy and will always be with them. Some of these shows are best watched one at a time. I think she and her family really are likeable, as you say.