Friday, September 12, 2014

Barbara Comes Through!

Barbara was a woman on a mission this morning. She was at Bed, Bath and Beyond first thing this morning and bought three chairs. I could have sworn they were $39, but she only paid $29 and they are very nice. I know I don't look at a folding chair like a 124 lb woman does -- and so many of them looked rickety to me, but with these so-called "oversized" chairs, they look and feel very sturdy.

I called the super and he is going to come at 4 pm to break the sofa. Barbara went downstairs because I wasn't sure if there were sheets on it. There wasn't, but there was a mattress pad which she rescued from execution.

Barbara and I had an early lunch -- chicken noodle soup and a BLT on rye toast for her; minestrone and a BLT on white toast for me. She did a bunch of little things for me, and now is off and I should be doing some work.

I am way calmer today than yesterday!