Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Spaetzle Night in Wisconsin

I follow Kelly on Twitter -- she's a friend and colleague and I tease her and call her Pioneer Woman as she is always canning, baking or sitting in a deer blind. Today I asked her what's for dinner, and she is celebrating a relative's 81st birthday at their home. She thought they'd have something German.

So here it is -- spaetzle making;

Wikipedia says: SpƤtzle are a kind of soft egg noodle or dumpling found in the cuisines of southern Germany and of Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Alsace and South Tyrol.
I haven't had it in a long time, but oh boy, slap some gravy on that and hand me a spoon! Here is a favorite image -- mushrooms, gravy and spaetzle:


Barbara said...

Oh my, that looks so good!

Anonymous said...


Melissa said...

Yum!!! Almost makes me want to go to Wisconsin.... But they are bound to have some of that here in this German town where I live (new Braunfels)... Why not top it off with Apple strudel! Look that up my friend!