Monday, March 16, 2015

Fran's Nostalgia

Fran writes:

Look what I found in Giant supermarket tonight! Brought back a lot of memories ...waiting for the bag to explode (you were convinced it would, but it never did) and ......all those burned kernels of popcorn.
me, again: I remember the burned popcorn, but also the steam burns when you'd open the foil dome.


Barbara said...

Yes, and I can recite the chant on their TV commercial from childhood too.

Pat said...

I don't remember that -- although I have to say as I was eating my cereal this morning, the "Sugar Pops are tops" popped into my mind

Now does the popcorn jingle go?

Mary said...

I looked the commercial up on you tube. Is that "gather round the jiffy pop, the jiffy pop, the jiffy pop"?

I don't recognize it at all if that's the one

Stancie said...

We use Jiffy Pop on the boat and Mac is very good at not burning the corn. We can't find the variety without the fake butter anymore. Has anyone seen the plain with the blue packaging?