Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ready to Go

Coming soon: On the Road Again.

I leave tomorrow morning around 10 for a leisurely drive to Western Pennsylvania. Picked up the rental car today which came with 10 minutes of instructions from the rental car place manager ... a six foot five 27-year old named Thomas. Nice guy.

This car is so new... not only does it have the key fob thing which I don't like, but it has all these security features (like the emergency brake goes on automatically under certain circumstances like if the car is in drive and the door is open). I asked lots of questions, based on having sat once in a rental car garage not being able to turn the car on, and being embarrassed to ask, because it was my first time with the key fob thing and I didn't know you had to have your foot on the brake. Finally looked at the owner's manual in the glove compartment and figured it out.

Another feature of this car is there is no gear shift handle... it's a circular knob that you turn. The bad news is that it has no CD player so no audio books for me... I remember reading how CD players were being phased out and how happy car manufacturers were because they took up a lot of space... so I'll have time to play with the buttons... outside air temp, that sort of thing.

Off we go.

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Mary said...

Would it be worth buying a portable CD player at an election c store on the way? I had one once although I don't know how easy they are to find.
Bon voyage!