Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday -- Last Day in Oshkosh

I sent out my first Twitter with a photo, and this is it. I captioned it "Dining al fresco, Oshkosh style"

The blimp overhead.

This is the highway I take to and from the show. It's all rural farmland and takes about 20 minutes. 
I was officially finished with my duties yesterday so today instead of getting up at 530, I slept until 9. It was heavenly. Puttered around and then met Greg for lunch. We have an annual tradition -- going back a dozen years -- of having a bratwurst lunch together and so today was Bratfest 2015. The place we always go closed two years ago so we went to this old-fashioned drive in called Ardy & Ed's and it's really  a place which is half put on and half still real, if that makes sense. They didn't have brats, but they had brat meat in a hamburger patty and so we had that and french fries and onion rings and homemade root beer in mugs.

This is Ardy & Ed's where the carhops are on roller skates.

This is Greg, my Bratfest 2015 colleague. Years ago, on his first year out of college, he was my boss where he was editor of this small publication and I wrote marketing articles for it. We've been fast friends ever since. He is also a beautiful writer.

So Greg had to go interview someone and you know where I headed... decided yes on my first Culver's... didn't even check out the rest. I wondered what the volcano was....

This is it.... chocolate custard with big chunks of oreos and chocolate and frozen M&Ms. I'd say this was the best I've had so far. Good thing I'm leaving tomorrow. This is NOT a good habit to develop. My drug of choice is Culver's frozen custard.

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Melissa said...

Loved going to Oshkosh with you this week :). Thanks for sharing your journey! Travel safe going home!