Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Easter

I went to my sister and brother in law's house... they had a bunh of people, including me, so here are the photos.

Waiting for the car, I noticed the crane from a brand new building... I also thought it was warmer at Christmas than it was today.
This brick building across the street used to have a wisteria vine from the ground up. It appears to be gone, but I hope it's just cut back.

This is what I brought... the triscuits with spreadable cheese and also a cervelat (sausage) from this German butcher near me.

And Scott made these... the dreaded salmon which everyone loved except me.

Charlie with his Easter bow.

Sister Mary Elizabeth

Louisa made this cheese and fruit tray for appetizers.

Scott resting after cooking.
Charlotte made these place cards. I admired the typeface which she said she go from Google docs... who knew they had typefaces? Not me.

Flowers on the table
Charlotte may have the opportunity to do a summer internship in oceanographuy at Chincoteague... did I spell that right? The one bad part is that the "housing" which they call "shelter" has no air conditioning and they keep saying how hot it is and don't come if you can't "handle" the heat and to bring "multiple fans." Hasn't deterred her yet.
Pensive Charlotte
Clark who is so sweet; all three kids are sweet and good, but he is especially so.
Out of order, and I can't fix it, but this was dessert -- I think Scott called it a Pavlova... it was baked meringue, with chocolate mousse on top, a dab of whipped cream and rasberries. Really good.
It was one of the guest's birthday's today -- Nancy from Brooklyn who went to high school with Scott and they've remained friends.
Nancy blowing out the candles.

We had lamb, roasted potatoes, corn pudding, peas and snap peas... and asparagus, another thing everyone loves except me... I'll eat it, but I didn't take nay. Save it for everyone else.



Mary said...

Tell Charlotte to prepare for mosquitos too. They're notorious there.

Pat said...

I thought so about the mosquitos and mentioned that as well. I don't know how you protect yourself if the windows are open... hopefully they have screens. She hasn't been accepted yet, but thinks she will be.