Thursday, April 21, 2016


I sort of pride myself in my ability to pass possessions on, whether to friends or to the thrift shop, but it can sometimes be difficult. This morning Marilyn and I were changing out winter clothes for summer which is a good time to take a look at things. I ended up with two bags of clothes for the thrift shop, but I have to say it caused some anxiety in me. It doesn't make sense to hang on to clothes I never (or rarely wear) even if there still "good," even if they still fit. My anxiety was such that it bothered me, not enough to stop, and not enough to retrieve things from the thrift shop bag.

At the same time, I felt this palpable energy surge -- out with old energy, old clothes, old memories, old stuff. I can't say I need anything new, but I am glad the old stuff is gone. I know it's the right decision.

So I was telling Brad, my client/friend about this as it's something we talk about. His wife had recently done that Chinese system (not feng shui), but a book by a Chinese author about decluttering and they were both happy with the results. I told Brad I did feel some anxiety... so we're talking about it and I brought up this nightgown... and I told him I know it was stupid, and the fact that I'm even going to tell him about the nightgown is stupid, but I have this summer nightgown which has been washed 100 times and I love it and it's soft, but it has a hole in it... not a tear, but a hole I think caused by the washing machine.

I struggle every time I wash it and fold it and don't throw it away.

I was telling Brad this and he said something profound. He said "don't confuse something that is a favorite for something that should be thrown away." He went on to say that he has a sweatshirt way past its prime that he loves but he wants to keep it. He gave me other examples, and I thought that's right. I like the floral pattern of this nightgown; it fits just right and now I believe I can (somewhat) overlook the hole.

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