Thursday, April 14, 2016

Milo's Doings

Mary reports:

I was talking to Fran about this and she reminded me there's no point in trying to understand cats.  They love newspaper and will choose to curl up in it over a nice soft couch. So here's Milo reading the funnies. The annoying thing is I hadn't read them yet. The second picture show you what the paper looked like when he finished.




Fran said...

Milo just gets highly agitated when he reads U.S. and world news...just like us;-)

Barbara said...

Maybe this is an orange thing - my orange cat loves newspaper too. The gray and white cat prefers a soft cushion.

Fran said...

My Angelina and Valentino (white with orange or orange and black spots),,also love the newspapers. They don't crinkle it. They just love to plop down for a cat nap on it--usually the one I'm actively reading. Or trying to.;-)