Sunday, March 5, 2017

checking in from SC

I'll eventually get in all the long boring stories of my trip, but I had a successful departure from Disney and made it to SC... tomorrow to Richmond... tuesdaqy to NJ... and then Wed home to be met by Marilyn.

This has been the bad luck trip... but I am not complaining... could have had worse luck... but on Saturday I lost this purple cloth pouch (Barbara knows it) that had all my cash in it -- about $ was supposed to be in this canvas New Yorker magazine bag and it wasn't and I even emptied out the bag. I was willing to let go of the money but I definitely needed cash for tips when I checked out and i had seen an ATM in registration but that was a long way off. We had been assigned a volunteer in the media room and it was only him and me and i asked him to look under the (draped) table thinking maybe it fell out.  No luck... he said he'd go find an ATM for me and I said no, no, no that he wasn't here to do personal errands but he said he'd rather have something to do so I trusted him with my PIN and ATM card and he got $200... good guy and a pilot at a regional airline so I just put my trust in him.

Later got back to my room and looked and looked and finally gave up... I was taking stuff out of the canvas bag to do work and I had two spiral notebooks in there, and the friggin pouch (which laid flat) was in between the two notebooks. I had always taken both out together. Problem solved.
So then in the middle of the night, I'm wearing my c-pap machine as I have for two years and somehow I stuck my thumb through the hose making a hole where air can escape and did. I pathetically held it together with my hand and dozed back to sleeep

this morning I tried to get tape to fix it (temporarily --I have a new hose at home) and that was too big a request for the magical folks at Disney -- but the crummy Red Roof Inn sent this old Pakistani man to my room with two kinds of tape and he took the task personally and now it's fixed, not pretty, but fixed.

So tomorrow it's on to Richmond (I sound like a civil war general!)

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