Thursday, February 16, 2017

It's a real place

I was talking to David the other day and we got cut off due to cell service and later he said he was calling me from Bell Buckle, Tennessee... I thought he was just making up the name; in fact, I thought he said BELT Buckle... but as it turns out, it's a real place..

He adds: It really is a place - and this is downtown - along with a photo from inside the famous Bell Buckle Cafe where I had lunch today.

The Moon Pie festival is in June!

Sibling Love

This is Gwenyth giving some sibling love for her soon to be brother or sister...


I'm still a purist about using "literally" the old-fashioned way. No "my head literally exploded" for me... so I will properly say that Mary's Christmas cactus which just bloomed is LITERALLY a late bloomer.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Teddy is disgusted at the news these days...

Being an Upper West Side Manahattan Democrat, Teddy is disgusted by the news these days and turns his back to the TV.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Here's a new one

I got an email, which I didn't know was spam or not, from TD Ameritrade, where I do have an account telling me my account had been compromised and to call this 800 number. I didn't trust it, but the email looked fairly legit (no spelling or grammar mistakes) so I called the number on the website. As it turned out, someone had tried to log in to my account and so they put a lock on it and I had to reset my user name and password.

This took about 30 minutes including a trip to India where I was transferred. I thought I was almost done when the Indian guy tells me "one more thing" -- and how I needed to have a "secret verbal password" --- I didn't know if he were kidding or not, but he wasn't... so my secret verbal password is for if I telephone TD Ameritrade. So I asked him if there was a secret handshake too and he actually had a sense of humor and invited me to India so he could teach me the secret handshake.

No doubt, in a few years when we look back at these security measures the same way we see 1980s style men's shoe size cell phones... I had never heard of a secret verbal password, but now I have one.

Adelyn Had a Birthday

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Teddy Sleeps the Sleep of the Innocents

Mean Girls

Got an email from my (so called) best friend taunting me and saying "Guess where we are." I looked at the photo and saw:

J'd know those cheesy biscuits anywhere... Fran and Mary slunk off to Red Lobster... and so I played the poor pitiful me card and said that I had just had a can of Progresso soup and a stale bagel which I had to toast to de-stale it.

Think there was any compassion? No.

Fran responds:

We have this gruel to eat. Yuk. Lobster, shrimp, salmon, mashed potatoes corn and green beans.  We are longing for a can of Progresso soup and a stale bagel....

As I said, MEAN GIRLS!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Teddy Got Boots

Teddy is set for his first outing in the snow with his new boots... here's how he got the boots yesterday, according to Barb:

Came home from bridge tonite and  took Teddy out.   Go across to Teddy Roosevelt Park right there on Columbus.  Walking around and I see a neighbor who lives on 81 closer to Amsterdam.  A young man with two shepherd like dogs that always says hello to us.  We stand there and the dogs play and he starts talking about the weather tomorrow and I say I am worried because I dont have boots for Teddy.  The long and short of it, he has a set of boots that dont fit his dog.  We walk to his house and now Teddy has boots.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Two from Fran

She says:

With 66° temps today, crocuses came out to play.

Meanwhile, Valentino says "crocus, schmocus" and continues hibernating. (The "jowls" are not flesh; rather jowls are his long hair draped over the edge of the box...

As for NYC, it's 60 degrees today and 6 inches of snow tomorrow. Sigh.